“We had the carpet ripped from under our feet. Dozens of people complain that the Idaho Falls company does not pay them


Juvenaé Headquarters in Idaho Falls. | Andrea Olson, EastIdahoNews.com

IDAHO FALLS – An Idaho Falls-headquartered company faces stiff criticism after dozens of direct salespeople complained about not being paid for their work.

At least 30 Juvenaé ambassadors, all women, contacted EastIdahoNews.com last week. Most said they are owed between hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Juvénaé started as a multi-level marketing company in June 2020 promoting health, beauty and lifestyle products.

Each of the women who contacted us lives in different parts of the country. They had become ambassadors and formed multi-level teams to promote and sell the products. Many ambassadors spoke on condition of anonymity because they fear it will affect their chances of being paid.

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Change of business model

Ambassadors said last month that Juvenaé announced that she was moving away from her tiered marketing business model and moving to an affiliate program. This means that Ambassadors would no longer recruit other people to work under them. Instead, everyone would recruit customers and earn a commission on those sales.

Company founders Scott Seedall, Lauralie Seedall and Kent Derricott sent an email in July to their ambassadors.

“Juvenaé was founded with the goal of having thousands of ambassadors around the world who have actively worked to develop their business by recruiting and hiring new ambassadors and registering clients. It hasn’t been our reality, ”the email said. “For many months now, we have had an impressive number of Juvenaé customers. In the last three months we have an average of over 83% retail customers and this month it has grown to over 90%. All the reasons put forward lead to the same conclusion: our compensation plan does not match the demographics of our ambassador.

Juvenaé ended its old sales model on July 14 and the new affiliate model started on August 1.

“We had the rug torn from under our feet,” said one ambassador.

The change in business model came as a shock to many Ambassadors who had invested time and effort in building teams and selling products.

“We were promised an incredible opportunity downstairs with a new business and the CEO with many years of business experience coming from a family legacy of business owners,” wrote a woman in a e-mail to EastIdahoNews.com. “(But) it all came to an abrupt end.”

The woman said the ambassadors should have received selling and ranking bonuses on July 15, but they were not.

“We were told that they would evaluate each individual Ambassador account to make sure that we are really earning the commissions,” she said. “They promised we would all be paid by August 15th.”

But that date came and many ambassadors still had not been paid.

‘It is time to move on’

Things took a different turn on August 17th. Now Affiliates received an email titled “Thank you all, but it’s time to move on”. The email informed all current affiliates that they “will begin the process of liquidating Juvenaé LLC as it currently exists. The affiliate program will be closed on August 30, 2021.

Email sent by Juvenaé to the ambassadors

EastIdahoNews.com reached out to Juvenaé about the affiliate program shutdown and CEO Scott Seedall responded:

“The membership transition did not go as we expected. We have a lot of people who love our products and they want to buy the products but as we looked at the first few weeks after making the switch, the feedback we got from some of our people, we don’t think the program Affiliate as we envisioned, in the long run, would be as successful as we need it to be, so we’re also getting out of that where we’re just going to go straight to the customers and wholesale accounts that want to carry the products. “

As for the Aug. 15 payments, Scott says they’re still being processed.

“We are working as fast as possible to ensure that all final commission payments are calculated and paid. We continue to process feedback from our ambassadors, which impacts commissions and slows down the process. In our communications with our ambassadors, we thought we could complete the process by August 15, but it takes a little longer.

He said the company continues to pay commissions on a daily basis.

“We have made great progress on this. We’re down between 90 and 95 percent of all people eligible to receive commissions for June and July have been paid. The ones we are finishing now are some of the most important, ”he said.

Despite these efforts, several of the ambassadors said they had difficulty communicating with management and indicated that Lauralie’s Facebook page had been deleted. They say this has further hampered their ability to speak with management about the money they are owed.

Scott says the page was deleted due to rude and abusive posts.

“The threats – the incredibly unprofessional behavior of some of our ambassadors. I understand that everyone is frustrated. That’s not where we saw the business heading when we left, ”Scott said.

Support for Juvenaé

However, it was not all bad. Several ambassadors contacted say they are satisfied with the efforts made by Juvenaé.

“I joined the company on July 15, 2020, in pre-launch, and was one of the first 20 people to sign up. I had the good fortune to meet and spend time with Scott and Lauralie Seedall, Kent Derricott and some of the Juvenaé staff. They were always respectful, caring and in touch with the entire direct sales team. They worked beyond expectations to listen to our concerns and demands, ”said Tess Ingalls.

Others said they had few payment problems.

“I got paid in full every month without a problem. Juvenaé was running smoothly and smoothly until a number of top executives defected from other direct sales companies and brought huge teams with them and frankly, and in my opinion, a hornet’s nest in problems, ”said Kathi Hof VanderMeer. “I will continue to use the products and support the owners and staff of the business as they continue to troubleshoot and resolve them as I am confident they will.”

Scott reiterated to EastIdahoNews.com that they are working the hardest to make sure everyone gets paid.

“We have always paid them and we will continue to pay them,” he said.

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