Watch: A woman prepares food using the heat of the sun, the internet is shocked!


With the rise in mercury and the scorching sun, life seems to have become difficult for everyone. What was once a joke that you can actually cook food with the heat of the sun seems to be coming true with the heat increasing. You do not believe it ? Well, a woman recently cooked eggs in the hot sun and shocked internet users.

Recently, an Instagram account called ‘ghadirbenderofficial’ shared a video of cooking an egg in the sun. In the video, the woman places a pan in front of her window, then she adds oil to it and breaks an egg in the pan to cook it over the heat. The video is captioned as “People living in Qatar would relate”. Looked:

In no time at all, the video went viral and garnered over 4.5 million views and was enjoyed by over a lakh and forty-two thousand people.

The video shocked internet users and they started making funny comments. One user felt she was cheating by preheating the pan and wrote: “You already heated the pan before the video stopped cheating.” Another could relate to him and commented: “It is true that I feel it because I live in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah”.

The most interesting part of this article was when many Instagram users asked ghadirbenderofficial if this is true. In the comments section, she admitted that the video was only posted as a joke and that the pan had previously been heated with gas.

Well, that was a joke, but looking at the script, soon the day will come when we can cook in the hot sun. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Image courtesy of the thumb: Instagram / ghadirbenderofficial


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