This new application founded by a woman revolutionizes the beauty industry and medical aesthetics



Tiffany Faith Demers, CEO and Founder of Upkeep

Upkeep is a new app created by women that allows consumers to book aesthetic medical procedures directly through their platform.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 16, 2021 / – Anyone who has made a medico-aesthetic appointment knows that it is not an easy task – from researching and selecting a supplier, to calling their office and finding a schedule that suits your two schedules is extremely time consuming and complicated. And that’s why Tiffany Faith Demers created the Interview app: a platform that allows you to see which provider offers appointments in your region and gives you the possibility to book the same day or to schedule future appointments. Plus, the app gives consumers the ability to write reviews, earn perks and rewards, and more!

The next big app that will change the beauty and medical aesthetics industry is here. Upkeep, slated to launch in June 2021, will provide a digital marketplace for the growing $ 9 billion medical aesthetics industry in the United States

Founded by CEO Tiffany Faith Demers, Upkeep is an app that allows clients to book medical aesthetic treatments like botox, laser hair removal, fillers and body contouring with the push of a button. Similar to apps like Uber, users can easily find, book, and pay for beauty sessions near their location in minutes, from a carefully curated list of trusted treatment facilities.

The app just received its round of pre-seed funding from angel investors and 1517, their lead investor.

Tiffany Faith Demers is ready to take the plunge. As CEO of Technology, she paves the way for entrepreneurs who have a deep understanding of their customer base; and she has years of beauty industry leadership, entrepreneurship and operations experience to back it up.

“My most recent role was as Director of North America at Matrix in London, where we designed and manufactured the first class and business class products for airlines, as well as the manufacture of cosmetics and skin care for luxury brands. We also had a trend analysis service and unusual trend books for large retailers. ”

Demers explains that as a female CEO, she had to be particularly determined and persistent, and never give up on a vision she knew to be foolproof.

“In the end, building businesses based on exceptional customer experience, purposeful design and innovation has been essential to me. Building up the interview has been the most rewarding endeavor of my life so far.

Demers knows the industry intimately, in the sense that she also sees herself as a model consumer.

“I came up with Upkeep to provide a solution to a personal problem, which I then realized was a huge gap in the beauty industry.

It all started in an Uber in London. I wanted a Hydrafacial at exactly 6:30 p.m. The only way to book was to call, with no visibility into availability. Back in LA, I started researching how cosmetic appointments were obtained. The answer at all levels was to call or text. I was inspired to create a platform for busy women like me to have access to quality and availability right in their pocket.

Demers was not alone in her search for a Medspa treatment. The medical aesthetics industry, including procedures such as botox, laser hair removal, fillers, and body contouring, has exploded in recent years. These elective medical treatments are legally open after the pandemic and have become a necessity for many women.

Aesthetics is a $ 26.25 billion industry globally and growing, with a market of $ 9.27 billion in the United States alone. The market is changing and growing rapidly – with a 76% increase in injectable procedures performed on 18-35 year olds in 2020. Since the vaccine rollout alone, Yelp has reported a 71% increase in Botox bookings since October 2020.

However, there was no booking platform or market to support this massive industry – until now.

Maintenance will soon be the easiest way to find, book and pay for all major Medspa treatments. The quality, preservation and convenience of the application allow users to take control of their aesthetic medical reservations.

Demers shares, “As we build the interview, we look forward to continuing our passion for beauty therapy and a strong belief in self-love! We believe that providing you with services that help you look and feel your best is a form of self-esteem, and we are committed to making beauty services convenient and stress-free. We put our users first and even offer rewards redeemable for free care and consultations to point clients in the right direction! ”

Customers are booking now and Upkeep will launch in the App Store at the end of June 2021. Follow Upkeep on their Instagram & TIC Tac to be the first informed of their promotions and news.

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