The skin care supplement recommended by the beauty director of mbg *


Listen, I love learning about the science of skin and how you can use the science to improve yours. This is why this formula piques my interest so much: It is a revolutionary formula that combines four targeted cosmeceutical ingredients that improve the quality of the skin and are proactive in its long-term care. *

Let’s start with astaxanthin. This potent carotenoid phytonutrient and potent antioxidant is clinically proven to protect skin cells (especially against UV exposure) and help preserve the collagen layer. * But what does it mean for your complexion when you take it?

Well, several clinical studies point to the real and tangible benefits of taking the phytonutrient for skin care: In one study, astaxanthin supplementation dramatically improved the elasticity, smoothness and hydration of the skin. in just 12 weeks. and skin texture. * And in a recent double-blind clinical study, subjects reported significant improvement in hydration levels (especially around the eyes), overall improvement in elasticity and appearance * On that last point: I took the new formula and noticed a significant improvement in the appearance of my eyes – they are less yellowish and wrinkled, and much smoother and more luminous. *

This is combined with another of my favorites: phytoceramides. Ceramides are a natural lipid present in the skin barrier and play an important role in the hydration of the skin. Plant-based versions, when taken orally, can improve your natural hydration levels by up to 35% according to one study. just halfway through my first bottle, my skin looked more dewy: as if I had switched to the super luxe face cream which occupies a special place on the top shelf. * It’s not also not in my imagination, research also shows that you can see improvement in skin hydration after just 15 days. *

Next on the noteworthy list is Pomegranate Whole Fruit Extract, a premium botanical extract packed with antioxidants. While consuming antioxidants in general is always beneficial, I love having this one in my routine. Why? Its ability to promote cellular resilience and its anti-inflammatory properties. * Plus, it’s clinically proven to enhance antioxidant responses, which can help the body alleviate oxidative stress (basically when your body is in free fall. free radicals) by increasing antioxidant capacity in the body. * In fact, pomegranate extract has been clinically shown to reduce biomarkers of oxidative stress. *

Finally, coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant naturally present in the body. Your body manufactures on its own and performs many necessary functions, including helping the cell’s mitochondrial function. Literally: CoQ10 is needed for cellular energy production and rejuvenation. * But, like most good things in the body, it declines with age. But when you supplement with ubiquinol (the most bioavailable and bioactive form of CoQ10, we might add), it is clinically proven to increase CoQ10 levels. fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin smoothness. *


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