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Take a look at your phone at some point and what do you see? Probably an avalanche of tweets, TikTok videos, Facebook updates, and Instagram posts – many of them touting a trendy new skin care product or an influencer morning and night routines. It’s really impossible to keep up with the latest skin care news (eco-friendly packaging, electrolytes) while maintaining some knowledge of what the docs say is actually effective (retinol, squalane, hyaluronic acid).

On the other hand, you’ll see the internet go crazy when it finds out that Elizabeth Warren, whose skin is absolutely glowing at 70, never washes her face and only uses Pond’s moisturizer.

The HuffPost turned to OG skin care gurus: moms, aunts, grandmothers and other women over 55 who have accumulated life experience that only made their faces look better.. They told us exactly what they are doing to keep their skin glowing and luminous.

Among their recommendations, you’ll find proven favorites like Vaseline and Olay Oil, and beloved brands like Kiehl’s, Philosophy, and Cetaphil. Some women buy from Sam’s Club, Walmart, and Family Dollar, while others rely on high-end branded products. The one thing they all have in common? Unanimous agreement that sunscreen, exercise and drinking plenty of water are essential for healthy skin.

If you want to buy some of their go-to products for your own bathroom shelf, read on for their recommendations (and memories).

Darlène Oates, 60

Real estate agent, radio DJ and travel agent

Morning and evening routine: Spray the face with water, then apply organic coconut oil.

Darlene says: “I think keeping it simple is the best way to go, honestly. I spray my face with lukewarm water and then apply the coconut oil to my skin. I rub it in a rotating direction around my cheeks, in the T-zone, and I just put it in my cells.

Geri “Nana” Fotsch, 87 years old

Mother of eight children; 31-year-old grandmother; 14-year-old great-grandmother; patron / volunteer at Ronald McDonald House, Marquette University, Women’s Care Center (Milwaukee), Operation Finally Home, Kathy’s House (Milwaukee) and others

Evening routine: Neutrogena Makeup Removing Cleansing Wipes follow-up with StriVectin moisturizer and eye contour

Once a week: Cleans with Dove Soap

Nana says: “Once a week, I wash my face with Dove. My husband’s grandmother, who died at 107, used only Dove soap. And I often thought I should have, when she was still alive, sent Dove a picture of her, because she was the best ad ever.

Deb Carey, 61

Evening routine: Morning products plus Olay Total Effects 7-in-One Anti-Aging Transformative Eye Cream

Deb says: “When I was little, I spent a lot of time with my grandmother, who died three years ago at the age of 98, and she looked like she was 70. Every morning, she washed her face and then smeared it on Olay oil. So I started doing it and never stopped using it. Yesterday a coworker emailed me and she said, “We have an intern coming in, they want to know more about what we’re doing. And at the end of the email she wrote, “And you have to tell them about Oil of Olay!”

Gail Cagianese, 82

Mother of three children; stepmother of one; grandmother of four children; step-grandmother of four children; former Long Island College and queen of the jazz festival; former print model and photographer; retired airline steward

Evening routine: Daily cleansing mask, tonic and Rodan + Fields Redefine Night Repair Cream

Three times per week: ZO Skin Health Growth Factor Serum instead of Rodan + Fields night cream

Once a year: Skin check at the dermatologist

Gail says: Her mother, an Irish immigrant, applied egg whites to her skin as a mask: “When she did, she put me on, and I was 11, 12. And you want to know something. ? It definitely helps! There are products that you can use in your own kitchen.

“We only have one life to live. Live it carefully, but enjoy it. But stick to a good skin care regimen, and people living in their 80s and 90s will have great skin. “

Jan Michell, 60

Occasionally: Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask

As required: “Another essential accessory: a superb pair of sunglasses!

Jan says: “I hydrate like crazy, stay out of the sun (mostly), and am diligent in cleaning and hydrating at night, even when I’m dead tired. My nighttime routine takes around 15 minutes including brushing teeth etc. It’s painful, but maybe it pays!

Sue Collier, 56 years old

Freelance Content Marketing Writer

Sue says: “I have been wearing sunscreen since I was 20. I wore it every day, religiously – always, always, always on my face. Sometimes if I go for a run in the early morning I leave it out of my body, but not on my face.

Cathy Martin, 67 years old

Mother of two children; grandmother of five

Once a week: Philosophy Triple Acid Lightening Peel Microdelivery

Cathy says: “I tried Olay’s Retinol Overnight Products and fell in love. Your skin is so smooth, so soft.

Diane Holmes, 63

Mother of two children; grandmother of three

Morning and evening routine: Dove Soap

Diane says: ” I’m not doing anything. I wash my face in the morning. In the evening, I wash it before going to bed. My mother never used anything. And neither of my sisters, come to think of it.

Shelagh C. Burke, 60

Evening routine: Morning routine plus Bobbi Brown Extra Repairing Eye Cream (under the eyes and on the upper lip)

During summer: LaRoche-Posay Anthelios Sun Lotion SPF 60

During the winter, for the lips: ELF lip scrub and petroleum jelly

Shelagh says:I use Aveeno Daily Moisturizer Lotion because it is fragrance free and I love that it is not greasy. I love what I feel on my face.

Allyson Williams, 58

Mother of two children; retiree from verizon

The morning and evening routine is a combination of:

Allyson says: “My skin has gone through certain stages. After doing cross country last September my skin broke out and became sensitive to everything so I only used lukewarm water on my face. A few months ago, I went on vacation to Mexico and took a lot of vitamin D, and my skin immediately started to clear up.

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