Kate Bosworth’s Sensitive Skin Care Routine, 38


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You probably know Kate Bosworth from her landmark role as Anne Marie Chadwick in Blue crush. What you might be surprised to find is that this film is almost 20 (!) Years old … 😱. And yet Kate looks … exactly the same ?! The actress was only 19 when she shot the movie in Hawaii and now, at 38, she still sports a perfectly glowing complexion.

If you follow her on social media, you probably know how she does it – she loves skin care. She regularly posts her skincare and makeup routines and says she’s religious about the first one. “I take very good care of my skin. I have fairly sensitive skin, [and] I’m fair enough, so I get sun damaged very easily, “Kate said in interviews with Violet Gray, Lisa Eldridge and Daily mail.

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She loves soothing cleansers.

Kate shared an Instagram video detailing her vacation skin care routine saying, “I’m on vacation, so I don’t want to have a million steps in my skin care routine,” she continued. Kate said she started her day by washing her face with the Epicuren herbal cleanser. “I really like it and have been using it for a long time,” she explained.

In other Publish Starting in fall 2020, Kate shared that she had recently become a fan of the Pai skincare line, saying, “I wear a lot more makeup than usual so I had to find one. routine that removes makeup thoroughly but gently and I discovered one of my favorite brands at that time called Pai. ” She went on to say that she loved Pai Cleansing Oil because, “It takes off all SPF, all kinds of makeup. It’s super soft, it’s softening. Every time I use it to remove all of my makeup, I feel like my skin is balanced and soft.

Followed by a calming serum.

Kate follows this up with Epicuren Calming Gel. “I really like it. It’s very clean and doesn’t have a weird aloe vera scent,” she said.

And a soothing moisturizer.

Another Pai favorite is the Anthemis Soothing Moisturizer which she also shared in this Publish from Fall 2020. “I love this moisturizer because it’s moisturizing but not so thick that it sits on the skin. It smells so good too, smells like the best out of a tea bag. with chamomile. “

She is a fan of sunscreen.

Kate then discussed some sunscreens that she likes, including Coola (which she says she wears under makeup), Inno-Derma (“you can put it on any skin, it doesn’t make me break out”, she said), and Sun so beautiful (“I love, love, love that,” she said of the tinted sunscreen). Kate topped it off with lip balm and that’s it.

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She likes to indulge in a mask.

If that’s not clear, Kate is a skincare enthusiast which of course includes masks. One of his favorites is the SK-II facial treatment mask. “It tightens up, it clears up – it makes my face look like I got a good night’s sleep when I couldn’t have slept,” the actress said in an interview with In the shining. “This is the best quick fix I have come across for the skin.”

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