How I adapt my beauty routine when my mental health is suffering


Self-care rituals and beauty routines are something many of us take great pride in and take comfort in. However, for those who live with severe depression and anxiety, it can sometimes feel like a cross to bear, even the simplest personal hygiene task becomes difficult. to stay in control. It’s a fight that I face regularly, but always wanted to talk about.

I lived with depression and anxiety for eight years, and during that time various parts of my daily routine took a step back, from answering texts to taking a shower. A period of poor mental health can be triggered by something as small as a mild pain that convinces me that I’m having a heart attack or that my brain is working overtime when I remember something that upsets me. Whatever their causes, my depressive or anxious episodes are almost always accompanied by a secondary order of lack of energy, appetite and inability to separate from my bed.

Over the years, I have tried a number of different approaches to managing my mental health, with antidepressants being the most effective so far. However, as useful as I find my medicine, it cannot fix everything. Last year I suffered a traumatic panic attack two weeks after the UK’s first lockdown which required an ambulance call. The hours, days and weeks that followed left me bedridden, dehydrated and deeply ill.

As clich̩ as it sounds, I was desperately looking for something to focus all my efforts on during this time, something I could control when everything else felt so unmanageable. At the same time, I could feel my grooming routine Рsomething I cherished Рslipping away, leaving me even more anxious and depressed.

It was then that I decided to invent a new lean routine; something simple that would stay clean, calm, and sustained, but that wouldn’t require me to push myself further than I could go. I have been perfecting this routine for over a year now. Some days I don’t have to rely on it, but when I do I find doing these simple yet effective movements essential in helping me get through the day.

Here, I’m sharing six self-care tips – along with some beauty product suggestions – that have helped me and hopefully prove to be helpful to others as well.

Simple Face Cleansers

I have discovered that it can be difficult to follow my cleaning routine when a depressive state arises. Usually I would opt for a double cleanse, toner, serum, eye cream, moisturizer and face oil, plus I would add a face mask or exfoliant once or twice a week. But these steps can sometimes seem impossible to follow. Fortunately, I have discovered a few quick and effective products on the market that I can turn to when the need arises.

While wipes aren’t always considered the best option for your skin or the environment, during times of depression they can be all you can handle. Keeping a packet on your nightstand will make the makeup removal process much easier. This Works In Transit No Traces is my choice; they are full of moisture and smell good.

Alternatively, if I can make it to the bathroom but still looking for something quick, I use Face Halo’s reusable makeup removal pads. They are made with HaloTech fibers, which penetrate deep into the pores and remove makeup and dirt using only water. And I found the Moxi Loves Powder Pod Cleanser excellent for its simplicity and innovative packaging.

A detangling hairbrush

I have afro-textured hair, which has a great tendency to tangle if I don’t brush it at least once a day. However, when my mind is overworked, the thought of having to spend hours looking after it (usually I will use nourishing hair oil, hair moisturizer, comb it and then protect it overnight with a cap) often makes me feel worse, which means I put everything in place. This has led me to encounter tangled hair on several occasions.

Specialized detangling brushes were the answer for me, helping to avoid any major hair problems until such time as I could get back to my usual routine. The Denman styling brush was my savior, as well as my Tangle Teezer hairbrush.

Multitasking beauty products

The multi-purpose products not only did wonders for my bank balance, but they were also easy to incorporate into my simpler personal care routine. Sometimes when I’m feeling down, adding color to my cheeks or something shiny to my eyes has really helped cheer me up whether I’m planning on leaving the house or not. Two of my favorite multitasking products include Glossier’s Futuredew for instant glow and Trinny London’s Lip2Cheek for a dual-action pop color that does exactly what it says on the box.

Support supplements

It is no good that there is no definitive proof on the exact benefits of supplements, gummies, and probiotics, but I have personally found them to be a great way to meet my beauty cravings. inside, even if only for the placebo effect. Whether it’s a formula with fatty acids to improve my skin health or vitamins and minerals to help my hair grow strong and grow, it’s nice to know I’ve done a little something for it. take care of me.

Right now my favorites are Zitsticka Skin Discipline Daily Supplement, Lashile Beauty Good Hair Gummies, and Aurelia London Beauty & Immunity Support. Having a daily routine where my first point of contact is taking my vitamins and supplements really helps get things done. It allows me to get up and out of bed and often helps me find the motivation to get on with my day.

Personalized skin care

I enjoyed the skincare and all the rituals that come with it, however, sometimes the thought of spending hours on YouTube compiling a list of go-to products and ingredients from your favorite skin influencers just seems too much to me. Getting a skincare routine that’s right for me has saved me hours of trial and error, and the simplification of the steps has helped me feel better when it matters most.

I have found Skin + Me to be a good option for personalized skin care, with its team of dermatologists and experts helping you achieve your skin goals through personalized online consultations. Of course, this option isn’t available to everyone (personalized skin care can get expensive), but if you can, implementing this kind of routine on good days can help you on bad days. arrive.

A refined beauty cabinet

Streamlining my storage was the last step, and it’s creating a personal care routine that works for me. I invested in a cart organizer – both Hobbycraft and Dunelm have good options – in which I put my beauty products. My dusty and cool pink organizer arrived just over six months ago and it was a game changer. I’ve grouped my skin care products into sections, starting with my cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreens, and toners on the top shelf and all the other products evenly distributed across the other shelves. Having all of my products in one place has made it much easier for me to stay in control of my skin care routine and adds to the excitement I now get from choosing which products I will use each time. day. Maybe that’s due to the aesthetics of it all, but regardless, I couldn’t be happier.


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