How Gen Z is Changing Beauty


“Generation Z sees brands as complementary to what they are. At the heart of their identity are issues of diversity, inclusiveness, sustainability, transparency and reliability, ”says Michael Engert, co-founder and president of Good Light, which describes itself as a clean, non-binary product. vegan, cruelty-free and sustainably produced. care mark. “This is why the idea of ​​brands as people has grown so much in recent years. Gen Z will not buy products from a brand they are not friends with.

Shelley Haus, director of marketing at Ulta Beauty, an American beauty retailer popular with teens, says more brands have started to frame their story and intent around a bigger goal than just products. . “Vegan, cruelty-free, [sustainable] packaging and social impact are areas where we see brands increasingly targeted.

Hybrid products and “skinimalism”

In recent years, consumer spending has shifted from color cosmetics to skin care, generating business for market leaders like L’Oréal and Estée Lauder. Palmer of Forma Brands, parent company of Los Angeles-based beauty and cosmetics brand Morphe, says this development, while transgenerational, is strongly tied to Gen Z’s higher level of self-acceptance. ” people want to show off their skin, their freckles and their textures and are okay with not airbrushing, ”she says.

From a product perspective, this trend has led to what Palmer calls “product hybridization”. Skin care ingredients are included in makeup products, such as Morphe’s popular Filter Effect Foundation or Morphe2’s Hint Hint Skin Tint, a skin care line launched in 2020 with TikTokers Charli and Dixie D’Amelio . Likewise, elf Beauty launched a moisturizing version of their bestselling Camo Concealer in early 2020. “It was something Gen Z was asking for,” says Budhraja.

Generation Z also likes hybrid products because they imply good value for money and a move towards reduced consumption. According to Good Light’s research, over 40% of its customers have a skincare routine that resembles the 10-step routines popularized by K-Beauty, but almost all of them want a lot fewer steps. “We are seeing a push for versatile products and skinimalism,” says Engert. “Consumers want to do more with less and at an affordable price. Good Light currently only offers three products and will be “very careful” with the next product it decides to launch, insists Engert.

Maeva Heim, founder of the Bread Beauty Supply haircare line, says much of the brand’s appearance was inspired by Gen Z customers. Bread Beauty Supply


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