Here’s who filed the list of the richest self-made women


Falling stock prices knocked most of this year’s 14 declines off the list.

MMarkets have not been kind to some of America’s wealthiest self-made women. A sharp drop in many stocks as well as weaker market values ​​for sectors such as cosmetics and organic baby products sent 14 women down from last year’s ranking of Forbes’ 2022 list of female entrepreneurs, executives and artists. richest autodidacts in the country. Forbes net worth measured for the 2022 list on May 13, 2022. The minimum net worth needed to reach the threshold is $215 million, up from $220 million last year.

Collectively, the 14 dropouts are estimated to be $3.75 billion less than our 2021 list, which measured net worth on July 2, 2021. They have plenty of company among the billionaire set. Two of the world’s richest people, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, are collectively worth $130 billion less as of June 13 compared to the start of this year.

Among the most notable dropouts: Stitch Fix founder Katrina Lake. She briefly became a billionaire in January 2021 as shares of the personal styling service peaked at $96.92 per share. But the company has been unable to sustain its pandemic gains. The stock has fallen 92% since peaking at $8.62 per share on May 13, our measurement date, wiping out much of Lake’s fortune with it. She stepped down as CEO in April 2021, but remained executive chairman. In March, the company said its annual revenue would be flat or down slightly in 2022 as it struggled to attract new customers. Lake’s fortune is now estimated at just over $200 million, up from $760 million on the 2021 list.

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Wall Street investing star Cathie Wood, known for betting on hot (and risky) stocks like Coinbase and Tesla, also disappeared from this year’s list. Its flagship ARK Innovation ETF has lost two-thirds of its value since July 2021, due to the fall in value of tech stocks from their pandemic peaks. Forbes estimated his net worth at $400 million for the 2021 list; now it is estimated closer to $150 million.

Trina Spear and Heather Hasson, co-founders of medical scrub company Figs, whose shares have fallen 65% since the start of this year, are also not on the list this year. Shares of payments giant Square (now called Block) have fallen 50% since January, leading to the removal of executive vice president Alyssa Henry from the list after her first appearance last year.

Here’s a full list of the women who made this year’s list:

Linda Alvarado

Fortune: 160 million dollars

Source: Construction

New information about more than $100 million in debt incurred by Alvarado and her husband’s Palo Alto Inc. fast food franchise has pushed her net worth below the threshold. Alvarado did not respond to Forbes‘ request for comment.

Gail Becker

Net worth: $130 million

Source: Caulipouvoir

Although the past year has been a hot one for food-tech startups, the growth of Caulipower, founded by Becker in 2016 to bring cauliflower pizza crust to the masses, has slowed. Additionally, there has been a decline in the value of publicly traded competitors like Vital Farms and Laird Superfood, which are proxies for estimating Caulipower’s valuation.

Karissa Bodnar

Net worth: less than $100 million

Source: Thrive Causemetics

New information revealed a much lower turnout than Forbes previously esteemed for Bodnar in vegan cosmetics brand Thrive Causemetics. The company declined to share its most recent revenue figures with Forbes. Bodnar, who founded the company in 2015, owns around 20% of the company. Thrive did not comment on the property valuation.

Cindy Crawford

Net worth: $200 million

Source: Meaningful Beauty

Model Cindy Crawford founded anti-aging skincare company Meaningful Beauty in 2004. Crawford owns half of the company, which generated an estimated $100 million in revenue in 2020; he declined to share more recent earnings figures for 2021. His net worth is down in line with public markets.

Sarah Brother

Fortune: 190 million dollars

Source: Square, Nextdoor

Friar’s fortune stems from stocks in neighborhood social network Nextdoor, of which she is CEO, and payments giant Square (now called Block), where she served as chief financial officer until 2018. Nextdoor went public during a SPAC merger in November 2021; its stock then fell by 75% until mid-May. Block’s stock has fallen 65% since last year’s listing.

Spear of Trina

Net worth: $175 million

Source: Health

Heather Hasson

Net worth: $155 million

Source: Health

Hasson and Spear co-founded the direct-to-consumer medical scrub company Figs, which surged during the pandemic but has since been rocked by inflation and supply chain issues. It went public in May 2021 at $22 per share, above its expected range of $16 to $19. In mid-May, shares were trading at $9.64 after the company lowered its financial outlook for 2022 last month.

Alyssa Henry

Wealth: $210 million

Source: Square

After debuting on the list for the first time last year, Henry, who leads Square’s sellers business unit, fell after shares of the payments company fell 65%.

Jessica Iclisoy

Fortune: 190 million dollars

Source: California Baby

Iclisoy owns organic baby products company California Baby, which she founded in 1995. Market values ​​of publicly traded competitors plunged last year, lowering the multiple Forbes used to evaluate California Baby.

Lynn Jurich

Net worth: $110 million

Source: Sunrun

Jurich is CEO of residential solar panel company Sunrun. Shares are down 63% since July 2021 as the company and the solar industry as a whole grapple with supply chain issues and inflation.

Lake Katrina

Net worth: $205 million

Source: fixed point

Lake, the personal style founder at Stitch Fix, was worth $760 million on last year’s roster. In March, the company admitted to struggling to attract new customers, saying annual revenue would be flat or slightly down in 2022. Shares fell.

Kelly Stecklberg

Wealth: $140 million

Source: Zoom

Zoom was the ultimate pandemic stock, but as workers return to the office, shares have fallen 76% since July 2021. Steckelberg, who is Zoom’s chief financial officer, is worth $275 million less than last year due to low inventory.

Vera Wang

Net worth: $200 million

Source: Fashion

New information has led Forbes to lower the earnings estimate for Wang’s fashion company, Vera Wang Group, known for its wedding dress and red carpet designs. A spokesperson for Wang did not respond to a request for comment.

Cathy Wood

Wealth: $140 million

Source: Investments

Wood’s Ark Innovation Fund is another victim of the market crash. Known for investing in growth tech stocks and “disruptive” companies like Tesla, Robinhood Markets and Coinbase, Wood’s flagship ETF cratered in the first half of 2022, losing two-thirds of its value since July 2021.



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