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Nakita Bowman (photo courtesy of KB Photo from Emporium House)

Do Do you know of any non-binary therapists who have played the role of drag king, studied mechanical engineering, and have had a career in professional women’s football by playing and winning national championship matches?

Let us introduce you to Nakita Bowman, this year’s most gay and best non-binary mental health therapist.

Bowman (also known as local drag artist Sir Debon Aire) officially began his therapeutic practice two years ago, but has been providing paraprofessional counseling to youth since 2009 through the Tackle Your Dreams Youth Foundation. As full-fledged therapists, their current clientele ranges from 17 to 65 years old, mostly from the Hispanic or African diaspora, and mostly queer communities.

With a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Bowman brings an analytical mind to his practice by finding a process that works and then fine-tuning it. “With my clients who suffer from social anxiety, I use the scientific method to formulate a hypothesis about what will happen in the future, then [we] test this hypothesis. From there, we understand what happened. Then we come back and test it again to see how we can improve the process. This limits their anxiety over time.

The company is part of what Bowman offers as a therapist. “I walk with you to determine what should go, what should stay, what relationships, habits and behaviors serve you and which behaviors no longer serve you. I work to empower you to make these decisions for yourself. Sometimes clients have to borrow my faith as I help them develop theirs [faith] in themselves and in their ability to make decisions.

During the counseling sessions, Bowman could engage references to pop culture, drawing inspiration from shared experiences on TV, movies, or music. “My name is a Pop Culture Mental Advisor, or PCMC.”

Asked about their pronouns, Bowman replies, “All of them. I love the journey of people finding out who they’re talking to and what energy they get from me.

Bowman wants to be visible as a non-binary black therapist. “Diversity matters. The courage I get on days when I don’t want to do anything – I have to deal with my own depression and anxiety – I know that just showing up means the world to another person. I hope that by introducing myself I will inspire someone else to introduce themselves as well. Their existence is important to the world’s population. I hope to make my siblings proud of the way I have presented myself. I really appreciate the opportunity to serve the community.

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This article appears in the October 2021 issue of OutSmart magazine.


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