Good Company: Clean, Conscious, and Inclusive Beauty Products from Undefined


Morris’ goal with Undefined is “authenticity, inclusiveness and the courage to do things a little differently”.


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After years of working at major beauty brands including Sephora and Coty, Dorian Morris set out to create a fresh take on the category. In 2018, the Harvard Business School graduate launched Undefined, a line of clean, mindful, and inclusive plant-based products.

“I felt there was something missing in the industry: authenticity, inclusiveness and the courage to do things a little differently,” says Morris. The CEO and founder aims to “democratize” beauty and well-being. “Undefined is about reframing and discarding what beauty and wellness have historically represented,” she says. “Rules are meant to be broken, especially when they were set by a patriarchal system that didn’t want – and still doesn’t want – diverse and underrepresented communities to thrive.”

Morris, 38, hopes to help people from all walks of life feel comfortable and excited about using plant-based beauty and wellness solutions.

Founder and CEO Dorian Morris.



Morris combines active ingredients like lactic acid or niacinamide with plants in Undefined products. The latest product in the line is the R&R Sun Serum, which Morris calls a “game changer”.

The serum is a lightweight, tinted, broad-spectrum mineral SPF 50 with skin-nourishing ingredients like niacinamide – a favorite among dermatologists for its hydrating and skin-brightening qualities – tremella mushroom, jojoba, rosemary and raspberry seed . Morris thinks the lightweight, fragrance-free, water-resistant formula will make daily sunscreen use easier. The serum comes in a tinted shade which makes it well suited for people of color, avoiding the problem of a white cast on the skin.

“I believe in the power of plants and run my business by combining the ancient wisdom of Mother Nature with known performance-driven active ingredients. It was important to create products that people could understand and would like to use in their daily routine,” she says.

CBD is also in heavy rotation – in skincare as a potential anti-inflammatory agent and in adaptogenic chocolate bars and tinctures to help combat stress, under the belief that beauty begins at home. interior.

“Beauty is wellness and wellness is beauty – they are one,” says Morris.

Glow Jelly Firming Serum uses ingredients like CBD, which has the potential to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits for skin, Vitamin C to brighten skin, and Aloe to hydrate.

Glow Drops are a CBD tincture that can be used topically and for ingestion. Tangerine flavored drops contain mood-boosting full-spectrum CBD and mucuna and cordyceps, which have been shown to reduce inflammation in studies.

Undefined’s chocolate light bars are vegan and fair trade, made with raw cocoa, coconut sugar, cocoa butter and CBD. The Uninterrupted bar, designed for better sleep, is flavored with lavender, Uncanny is flavored with blood orange, almond and sea salt, and Uninhibited is sprinkled with crushed hazelnuts.

Undefined product packaging features illustrations of diverse people as part of its commitment to inclusivity.



Although Undefined products use many of the same ingredients as much more expensive serums from other brands, Morris is committed to keeping prices accessible. “Wellness has always had a face,” says Morris. “She was skinny, blonde, well off and white, but I believe everyone deserves access to high quality products that don’t cost your firstborn.”

The R&R Day Serum and Night Serum are each $28 USD. CBD-infused products are a little more expensive: CBD-infused candy bars are $28 each, and the largest size Glow Drops is $48.


Morris says Undefined’s goal is to make beauty and wellness inclusive. Images on social media channels and Undefined’s website are diverse and inclusive, and each product description explains the “why” behind each ingredient to help educate customers about plant-based solutions. Morris listens to Undefined customers to learn more about the beauty and wellness issues she can address through her line.

“My goal is to demystify and de-stigmatize herbal tools that can have an immense impact on our skin health and internal well-being,” says Morris. “It’s about making well-being understandable, about simplifying it. I want everyone to feel comfortable, empowered, and able to find tools to help them thrive.


All ingredients in Undefined are plant-based and certified cruelty-free by the Leaping Bunny program. Plus, all packaging is made from post-consumer recycled materials.

Morris calls “conscious capitalism” a core value at Undefined. This means that Undefined partners with like-minded women-led, BIPOC and LGBTQ businesses throughout its supply chain.

“I’m a firm believer that business makes business stronger,” she says. “I use this tool to amplify and support companies like Undefined that historically haven’t had a seat at the table. We’re building our own table.


Morris plans to expand Undefined’s commercial presence. The products are currently sold on the Undefined website and at Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe and Target.

Morris is also working to expand the product line to include more skin, body, hair and ingestible products.


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