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In 2015, no other brand sold personal care products that contained caffeine. There are hardly any today, which is why mCaffeine dominates the segment. I recently tried their Coffee Moment Kit and the Coffee-Bean Gift Kit. The first box contains a Naked & Raw coffee body scrub made from coffee and cold pressed coconut oil. There is also a coffee face wash with white water lily and Arabica coffee.

The facial scrub contains vitamin E and arabica coffee. The white cotton towel and wooden spatula are smart additions to the kit. Coffee is a natural exfoliant. It’s packed with antioxidants that, over time, fight free radicals that damage cells.

Pain is a serious cosmetic problem in young women and I think the stimulants and chlorogenic acids in coffee should help. Using coffee from your kitchen as a face and body scrub can be messy. The coarseness of the coffee can cause abrasions to the skin. I find coffee products to be a convenient way to incorporate the merits of coffee into my routine.

The second product was a set of soaps: Espresso ™ Coffee Bathing Bar, Cappuccino ™ Coffee Bathing Bar & Latte ™ and Coffee Bathing Bar, based on Arabica coffee. The pack comes with a wooden soap dish. With regular use, I have noticed a reduction in tanning and sunburn. mCaffeine is one of my favorite brands, but I’ll say this: it’s not for everyone. If the strong smell of coffee is causing a headache or anxiety, these products are not for you.

Coffee bean gift kit price: Rs 929

Price of the Moment Café Kit: Rs 1,225

Availability:; main online portals

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