Black History Month spotlights black business in Kern County


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — According to the 2020 Annual Business Survey, nearly 20 percent of all businesses nationwide were minority-owned, and about 8 percent were black or African American-owned.

For Black History Month, we wanted to shine a light on a black-owned business in Kern County.

Nikki Beauty Supply and Salon owner Fausat Adekoba, also known as Nikki, hopes to make an impact in the community.

“We do hair, any hair type, any hair texture, and we sell hair products. As you can see, we have wigs, cosmetics, ponytails, braids, and more. I also do custom wigs.

She said they try to accommodate the needs of every person who walks through their doors, especially those from minority communities.

It’s not just about work, Nikki said doing her hair is something she loves.

“That’s the beauty of being a woman. We can be Kim Kardashian today and Beyoncé tomorrow.

She has been doing her hair since before she emigrated to the United States

“I’ve been hairdressing since I was little. I remember back home in Africa, as a little girl, I used to live with my mother. I used to drag her and force her to [let me] practice on her and she would cry. “I don’t want you to do my hair. I said, ‘We do.’ It’s part of me, I have a passion for hair.

She added that it was difficult for her business during the pandemic.

“It was hard, you know, when your store isn’t open, you don’t make money. There’s no way to pay your rent and your bills. It was hard, but thank God, everything is back to normal now.

To deal with these challenges, Nikki said she started doing curbside pickups for her products in the store. She said it is her privilege to be able to serve her community and anyone else.

“Being a black person, trying to consult another black person, she feels more comfortable because she knows that I have the same hair texture as her. It’s very easy and I’m so happy to be there to help.

One of her employees, who Nikki says is like a daughter to her, said she was proud to be part of something that helps people in her community.

“I’m so grateful to have helped help one of these businesses that cater to minorities and black people,” said Misan Egbetsemi.

Nikki hopes her story will inspire others, especially young girls, to follow their hearts.

“Don’t give up on your dream. Dream it, work it, work hard, save hard and don’t forget God, with God anything is possible.


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