5 formats of CBD on the market today


Generally speaking, CBD oil is considered to have anti-inflammatory, soothing and hydrating properties, and some research shows that it may be particularly useful for conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, pruritus and inflammatory conditions, according to the National Institutes of Health.

CBD is also commonly distributed in oil or powder form.

It is important to note that many brands that produce CBD products will only ship DTC products to states that have the appropriate laws for CBD sales.

This list will include both CBD and hemp products, which do not contain CBD but come from the same plant family and are more accessible to multinationals.

Lotions and creams

Arguably the most popular type of CBD product is the cream.

Many brands offer creams for facial skin care routines. The HempBeauty brand offers a CBD day cream, which also boasts rosehip and aloe ingredients, and Hemp Code offers a lip balm and a hand balm.

The personal care products side of clothing brand Victoria’s Secret offers a range of hemp seed oil products, including body creams and face masks.

Not all CBD lotions come in cream form. TheraOne offers a CBD balm in stick form and the Bawdy brand sells a booty balm in a similar format.


Besides moisturizers, CBD has been widely used in serums and many brands offer a version of it. By barely scratching the surface, CBD serums enhance the following benefits:

House of Gro Anti-Aging​

Earth body soothing

Botanics Moisturizer​

Firming Alfie

Alfie’s plumper

Renewal of Sagely​

This list is just beginning to consolidate all available face serums with CBD ingredients, and a handful of brands offer serums for other areas, such as Hemp Code’s Eye Serum.

Hair products

Outside of skincare, there is a smaller market for hair care products containing CBD and hemp.

Some hair products market themselves as CBD products, such as R+Co Supergarden Conditioner​ and Talyoni Repair and Strengthen Shampoo​, but many other products use hemp seed oil instead.

In the hemp seed oil category, there are products from mainstream brands like Unilever’s Love Beauty and Planet and Shea Moisture, as well as more expensive products like Hemp Code’s hair products.

There are also CBD and hemp hair products outside of the wash category, like Wellness Premium Products Hair Serum, Giovanni’s Hemp Hair Moisturizing Spray, and Surface Blowing Texture Spray.

Toothpaste and oral hygiene products

CBD is making its way into oral care products, particularly Colgate-Palmolive’s Hello brand. The brand offers two types of CBD toothpaste, two types of lip balm, hemp seed mouthwash, and hemp seed dental floss.

P&G’s Burt’s Bees also previously sold hemp seed oil and charcoal toothpaste, but it is no longer available.

There are also stand-alone options, like Supersmiles Whitening Toothpaste, but the CBD oral care market is much less saturated.


Cleansers are also a fairly saturated CBD market, with a few multinationals in the business. Kao’s Biore sells a hemp seed oil detoxifying cleanser. Pacifica, a brand found in many department stores in the United States, also offers a “balancing” hemp face wash.

Kiehl’s, owned by L’Oreal, also has a hemp seed cleanser in the lux skincare space.

There are also several CBD options in the solid cleanser space, with Dr. Bronners offering a full line of hemp seed extract bar soaps. There are also many independent hemp seed oil and CBD options in solid cleansers.


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