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Nowadays the problems of money for unforeseen expenses have a solution. It is becoming easier to get loans with FCI because there are more and more private equity entities that offer personal loans with FCI. However before when banks were the only ones offering financing to individuals, it was almost impossible to get personal loans with FCI. But having unpaid bills and debts if I’m in debt or other files and lists of defaulters also reduces the chances of getting credit. In fact things as simple as domicile the receipt of electricity, water, or telephone become more difficult when we are in FCI for some debt. Not to mention that being on lists of defaulters makes it very difficult to buy car taking FCI. Because any company, whether financial or not, that grants any type of consumer credit, will consult the delinquency lists.

What are the credits with Financial Credit Institutions special?

What are the credits with Financial Credit Institutions special?

This type of financing for individuals, is increasingly common in the market. And there are many, and growing, private credit entities that offer personal loans with FCI with better conditions. So much so that the commissions and the interest rates with FCI every time have less difference with the credits without FCI.

Nowadays in the market we can find a great offer of credits, it does not matter FCI. But nevertheless sometimes that promise hides fraud. Because not all offers are from serious companies, hence it is important to use an online loan comparison as CredText. Some of the best credit companies with FCI that offer financing to individuals that appear in delinquent listings are: Sero, Kebanko, Hypocredit, or Viloan.

Keep in mind that although there are loans with FCI without collateral, this type of loans does not allow you to obtain large amounts of money. Because it is very difficult to get loans with FCI without property, it is normal for a client who appears on any list of defaulters to have to provide a mortgage guarantee. That’s the way we can improve our solvency despite having some unpaid FCI. Hence, it is necessary to have a home in property, if possible without charges, so that it can serve as a guarantee in order to ask for a large amount of money. It is always risky to put our home as a guarantee, since in case of any default we could run out of our house. But it is the only way to get a lot of money with a loan with FCI, unless we have an endorsement with a third party. That is, a personal guarantee from a solvent person that does not have any non- payment in files of defaulters. But if the amount of money we request is not very high, then we can resort to loans with FCI and payroll. Because if we have a fixed contract and a good monthly payroll, then there will not be much problem for having some debt in files of defaulters.

How are loans with and without FCI different?

How are loans with and without FCI different?

For those who do not know how loans work with FCI, they may not understand the difference very well, because they also exist and are quite important. Especially since loans with FCI have a higher interest rate than credit for people who do not appear in delinquent lists. So if for any reason we have an unpaid that appears on the FCI list, it is important to know how to get out of FCI for free in the event that our debt exceeds 6 years. Otherwise and if we have not paid the debt, we will continue to appear in the file of defaulters, we must take into account what are the conditions to get the loan with FCI:

  • Know what is the debt that appears with our name in FCI. Because this way it will be easier to justify the credit request with FCI as well as our ability to repay all the debts.
  • The form of payment of the debt, because to return a mini credit with FCI or without FCI the term is usually 30 days maximum.

Therefore and as you have been able to verify, it does not matter whether or not you are on a list of delinquents such as FCI. There are financial solutions for any situation, however difficult it may seem. Now, in the case of applying for a loan with FCI, it is important to take into account all that we have said to avoid facing the new debt and end up back on a list of defaulters such as the one of the FCI.

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