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Financing with BogBank is not a problem by any means. We are talking about a company specialized in financing and granting loans that no company, and even no bank, can offer you, up to € 15,000.

The objective of a person when looking for a loan or loan is mainly to improve their quality of life, acquiring goods, services, getting rid of debts, or repairing something at home, but also to change their lives, for example, moving to another country, finance a new career, a master’s degree, a doctorate, or simply, pay for the children’s school. In short, the objectives can be as many as there are people in the world.

Bigbang’s mission is to help people have a better life. BogBank is a bank, of the so-called online banks, but they did not join the ‘wave’ of the microcredit five years ago. It is a bank that has 20 years of experience in fixed-term financing, and was founded in Estonia, but with a successful presence in more than ten European countries since its founding.

It is a bank that bets its own resources and risks them in order, as they say, to help improve the lives of people in a solid, flexible and, above all, reliable way.

If you are interested in financing up to € 15,000 without going through the banks of a lifetime, read on, we will tell you how it is possible with BogBank.

Why choose BogBank

Why choose BogBank

Unlike many companies in the online credit market, BogBank is a bank, just like the one you can find on the main street of your town or your city, the difference lies in the modality: while a traditional bank must maintain its thousand branches, with their respective employees, throughout Spain, BogBank only focuses on maintaining its platform and improve the service.

It has a successful presence in Holland, Germany or Sweden, as well as Spain. We are not talking about a new bank.

Well, why should you seriously consider working with BogBank:

  1. You do not need to create a new account necessarily with BogBank, you can continue with your bank always
  2. There is no limit of operations, that is, you do not have to stand in line, nor are you subject to any limit
  3. BogBank customizes all its products, so there is no standard solution that applies to all its customers, flexibility is the engine of the bank
  4. Interest rates are fixed, that is, they are not affected by changes in the jabank or in the main economic indices of the European economic sphere
  5. The amounts of your loans are, by far, much higher than any online bank you currently find

How much time and money BogBank offers me

How much time and money BogBank offers me

We go into matter: know how much money I can request, and how much time I have to return it.

This point is short:

  1. Depending on the type of loan, you can request from € 2,000 up to € 15,000 maximum
  2. The term is equal to the amount of money: from 12 months to 72 months (from 1 to 6 years)

There are certain conditions, which we will see later, but these amounts vary depending on the type of product you purchase.

Cost of loans BogBank Plan

In life nothing is free, and a loan, even if it is as advantageous as the one BogBank offers you, either.

The cost of a loan is what we call the interest rate, and BogBank has the particularity, which is your main advantage if you work with them, that their costs are fixed, that is, you will always pay the same, so the jabank goes through clouds.

Some amount varies by the type of product, the total amount and the term, but the TIN rate goes from 6.74%, and TAE of 6.95%.

let’s see examples

  1. If you apply for a loan of € 10,000 for a period of 72 monthly payments, with TAE and TIN included, the monthly payment stays at € 289.
  2. If that same loan of € 10,000, you reduce it to 36 monthly payments, exactly half, the payment is set at € 428.
  3. If this loan is increased to € 15,000, to 72 months, the monthly payment almost doubles, to € 434. The difference lies in the interests.

We invite you to carefully study the costs of your application, and the period in which the costs are most convenient for your particular case, the difference in a few months, up to thousands of euros difference that you can save by paying a little more per month.

Requirements to apply for a personal payday loan Plan a BogBank

Requirements to apply for a personal loan Plan a BogBank

When we talk about online banking, we immediately know that the requisites and procedures that are required are much less than those of a traditional bank, with its respective office and account executive and other paraphernalia.

But even so, BogBank remains under the supervision of the Bank of Spain and must demand certain profiles for its products, although it has made them more flexible, yes.

These are the requirements to access the BogBank loan:

  1. Be a legal resident in Spain during the application and until the payment period ends
  2. Have your current ID or NIE at the time of the request
  3. Be between 20 and 75 years old at the time of the request
  4. Have an email
  5. Have a mobile phone that receives SMS
  6. Have an active bank account in Spain

In addition, you must present a document that proves your identity and solvency to fully return, and during the established term, the loan payments, up to its totality.

The documents must be in digital format, preferably in pdf format, and scanned, which must be legible.

These are the documents:

  1. DNI or NIE on both sides
  2. Any document that proves the ownership of your bank account, can be the passbook, a certificate, or extract of movements
  3. Copy of the last payroll, pension or unemployment payment that justifies your ability to pay for the requested loan

If you request a loan of at least € 6,000, and more, you must submit the following documentation:

  • The last income statement (IRPF)
  • If you have a mortgage, the last two receipts

If you wish to co-apply for a loan with another person, the corresponding documentation is applied for each co-applicant. This co-applicant is necessary if you want a loan of at least € 10,000.

How to apply for your personal payday loan Plan a BogBank

How to apply for your personal loan Plan a BogBank

The process to apply for a loan Personal plan, even though BogBank is a bank, is as simple as creating an email account or your favorite social network.

We recommend you to prepare the documentation and data that we have mentioned above, so that the application process is not interrupted by any circumstance.

There are several ways to make your request:

  1. Calling directly to the BogBank phone
  2. By sending the request to BogBank from the web page, they will register your information and will contact you as soon as possible.
  3. Through the section “Online help” on the BogBank page
  4. Printing the loan application form and sending it by postal mail

Although all the methods are valid and the answer is the same, the fastest and safest method is the online method, which is what we will tell you here.

There are three simple steps:

1.- Simulate and provide your data

On the page you will see the products that BogBank manages, both are loans, but one is a personal payday loan and another is focused on a specific project and is the plan loan, but they are very similar. Click on REQUEST LOAN NOW!, and it will send you to a page with a huge form. These are the data that BogBank will need:

  1. You will see first a simulator, you will not see the classic sliding bars, but you will have to write in number the money that you request and the period of time, in months. It will return the monthly payment, which is fixed throughout the loan. If you agree, go to the form you see below.
  2. Your general information, such as full name, ID, date of birth, marital status, nationality, housing, dependents, etc.
  3. In the next section you must provide your contact information, such as telephone and email.
  4. Contribute the amount of income you currently have
  5. If you have a mortgage, likewise, you should tell BogBank your general information
  6. Accepting BogBank terms

2.- Wait for the pre-approval

Very quickly, BogBank will process your request, and will send you a response, which if positive, will be a pre-approval, waiting for the next step.

3.- Delivery of documentation

You must send all relevant documentation, if it is a loan of less than € 10,000 or if it is more than that amount, and if there is one or more owners of the operation. The more late you give it, the longer it will take to have your money.

When all the information you have provided in your application and documentation is validated, the money will be sent to the bank account you gave to BogBank.

How to return the loan to BogBank

When your application is approved, in addition to the money, you must receive the contract and invoice of your operation, which includes a calendar of monthly payments, which involve the amortization of your loan within the stipulated period.

You must make the payment by bank transfer to the BogBank account, which is in Banco Santander, or by calling and paying by credit or debit card or in a BogBank branch.

How to get an extension in your monthly payment

How to get an extension in your monthly payment

BogBank knows that the problems come, may be because, unfortunately, you join the unemployment list in Spain, because there are other expenses with more priority than the payment of a debt, anything can cause you can not afford a month.

Therefore, BogBank has created a mechanism so that it does not happen, and that your debt is not subject to fines or commissions for non-payment or untimely payment. It is a month of rest in your monthly payments.

How does it work? Simple. As soon as you know that you will not be punctual in the payment or that you simply can not face your payment, call BogBank, because otherwise you will be penalized with fines for delinquency and defaults.

Since the procedure does not appear tacitly on the website, you must request the requirements from BogBank. Of course, we insist that you always call before the expiration date of your payment arrives.

Normally, you will have to pay, according to most online banks, the equivalent of interest to obtain the rest month.

Also, if the problem you have is recurring, because the payment date is bad for you, you can send a request in writing to a BogBank branch, or by phone to exchange it for one that suits you, or for a change of work, or the loss of it.

As you see, flexibility is the best of BogBank, and with the backing of being a bank, like the ones of a lifetime, without being one.

What BogBank customers say

What BogBank customers say

There are no opinions posted anywhere on the BogBank website, but it is not difficult to know what your customers say: the ease of having an online bank with all its advantages, with the ease of being able to use an office of Banco Santander without even Being a client of that bank, is what your customers value most.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Customer service is at the height of any large bank in Spain, although, unfortunately, they do not have a chat to talk directly with a sales executive or someone who provides technical or legal support.

Of course, they have an email where they respond in a maximum of one day, sometimes a little more, depending on the workload.

It also has telephone attention, unfortunately, it is a 902 telephone, with cost for the client, but, to alleviate the cost, they have the function to request a call from you, and you save the cost of the call.


If you want a large personal payday loan, or a line of credit, without going through the tortuous path of a bank, but with the confidence that a bank offers, then the best option is BogBank.

It is not any company born in the wave of the mini-credit boom, it is a bank, like Santander, but it works online, without its rigorous procedures, without its costs and above all with greater flexibility and transparency.



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